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Quotelator 1.0

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The Quotelator: Your All-in-One Pricing Solution

This Excel-based Quotelator transforms pricing and client interactions. With dynamic pie charts and automated columns, you can confidently create accurate quotes without under pricing risks. Easily insert product details and generate professional invoices, all customizable to your needs.

Key Features:

  1. Visualize Pricing: Dynamic pie chart show cost breakdowns, ensuring balanced quotes.
  2. Auto-Compute Pricing: Intelligent columns calculate total prices based on quantity and cost.
  3. Tailored Templates: Customize headers, colors, and add logos for a professional touch.
  4. Flexible for All: Adapt the tool to any industry and changing business requirements.
  5. Instant Invoicing: Generate polished invoices with key details and client info.
  6. Error Prevention: Built in calculator to minimize calculation and pricing mistakes. You will know how much what is.
  7. Client-Focused: Impress with organized quotes, terms, and personalized messages.

Experience accurate quotes and efficient client interactions with the Quotelator. Embrace precision and customization for pricing success.

How It Came Into Existence

When starting out in the jewellery industry, I had no idea how to quote my clients that I had here and there [thank you friends and family].

As time passed along I saw others making the mistake over and over of under quoting themselves leading to a close call or loss. Therefore I decided to make an Excel spreadsheet on Google to help prevent this pain that I have also experienced.

I added the pie chart because my dad always ended up asking "How much is this of the product's portion?" Now you can see exactly what takes up the most cost of the product.

Over the past 3 years I have been refining this spreadsheet to my liking of what I need.


This is still a work in progress product and in it's refining stage.

Because of being an early access product currently. There is no refunds or tutorials available yet. But by purchasing it now already, you will have access to any future updates for free.

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A Quoting System To Minimise Under Quoting

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Quotelator 1.0

0 ratings
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